Wendy Reed is endorsed by The Brand New Congress.

Wendy Reed stands with Brand New Congress candidates
Wendy Reed & Democratic Club Parade
For the first time in memory, our Democratic contingent in the Antelope Valley Fair Parade last week was CHEERED AND APPLAUDED all along the parade route.  America’s groundswell of political activism and voter outreach will help us regain a Democratic majority in Congress.  Second-time candidacies offer the strength of name recognition, existing volunteers, renewed endorsements and increased party support, and we WILL unseat McCarthy in 2018.


With 30 years of community advocacy, engaging citizens, and service on regional committees,Wendy Reed will work to

  1. restore self-government by getting big money out of politics,
  2. bring resources to our district, and
  3. protect the rights and programs our ancestors fought to provide for us.

Upcoming Events

Attend an event with Wendy
  • Thursday, November 23 — Thanksgiving Day
  • Saturday, December 2  BASH FOR A BETTER CONGRESS in Bakersfield at the  Bakersfield Music Hall of Fame 6pm. Order your tickets now on Eventbrite:  Bash for a Better Congress – Bakersfield

More events coming soon!

Bash for Better Congress 12/2/17 6pm Bakersfield

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