Wendy Reed & Democratic Club Parade
For the first time in memory, our Democratic contingent in the Antelope Valley Fair Parade last week was CHEERED AND APPLAUDED all along the parade route.  America’s groundswell of political activism and voter outreach will help us regain a Democratic majority in Congress.  Second-time candidacies offer the strength of name recognition, existing volunteers, renewed endorsements and increased party support, and we WILL unseat McCarthy in 2018.


With 30 years of community advocacy, engaging citizens, and service on regional committees,Wendy Reed will work to

  1. restore self-government by getting big money out of politics,
  2. bring resources to our district, and
  3. protect the rights and programs our ancestors fought to provide for us.

Upcoming Events

Attend an event with Wendy
In January #TeamReed volunteers are gathering signatures to put Reed on the ballot, and we hope you will consider helping us.  The signatures are due in February, so it is a January effort.  Our volunteer meetings in Bakersfield and Lancaster were very successful, and we are halfway to our goal.  If you are interested in volunteering with #TeamReed, we will provide the supplies you need.
And, if you want to volunteer but can’t make it to a meetup, just call (661) 675-9209 to discuss, and we can deliver the supplies to you.
  • Monday, January 1, 2018  The start of Campaign 2018 to create a Progressive Congress  Work to Elect Wendy Reed to Congress in November!
  • Monday, January 8  Ridgecrest: We are meeting from 4 to 6 PM at the Pizza Factory.
  • Tuesday, January 9   Porterville: Meetup at the Pizza Factory, after the Porterville Democratic Club Meeting 8:15?
  • Thursday, January 11— Kernville: Meet & Greet at Ewing’s on the Kern, from Noon to 2 PM.  Invite your friends and neighbors to come meet the candidate who will unseat McCarthy in 2018!
  • Thursday, January 11— Lake Isabella: Meetup at the Pizza Factory from 4:30 to 6 PM

More events coming soon!

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