With 30 years of community advocacy, engaging citizens, and service on regional committees, Reed will work to (1) restore self-government by getting big money out of politics, (2) bring resources to our district, and (3) protect the rights and programs our ancestors fought to provide for us.

Essential Resources for our District

Safe infrastructure, good health care, and community safety programs are necessities not luxuries. Our district deserves a strong advocate for the priorities of real people! Wendy pledges to aggressively fight for Medicare For All.

Economy and the Environment

Strong economies protect the resources on which people and businesses rely. Reed will work to update our water infrastructure, and our oil and agricultural technologies. It’s not an economy if you can’t drink the water.

Ethics in Government

Many times in our history, Americans have had to hit the reset button to vote out representatives who sell their influence for campaign contributions. Reed represents us. She isn’t for sale.

Equality and Education

An economy of opportunity is founded on equal treatment under the law and access to education. Reed will protect these foundational principles of American prosperity and security.
Wendy Reed's 4 Main issues